Tech in class – trends for today

Laptops, smartphones and tablets have all made their appearances in digital-friendly classrooms and now, it’s time for wearable technology to do its bit. Here’s a summary of some recent studies into the popularity of wearable technology today and in the near future –

Andriod Features 3Trends now

More than a hundred classes around the world are using VR viewers to magically transport themselves to historical spots around the world thanks to an innovative app by Google known as ‘Expeditions’.

The result of having these classrooms implement VR viewers has been phenomenal. As a result students are showing greater engagement in classrooms.

‘Muse headbands’, work more like ‘brain-activity monitors’ and were implemented at the University of Victoria and New York University.

Here, researchers helped teachers improve the educational outcome of students by finding out which subjects, lectures or classes students enjoyed and were best for a students’ learning experience.

Trends for the future

A recent, 2014 Horizon Report has stated that wearable technologies will be adopted by higher education institutes around the globe within three to five years. A good number of top universities have already begun experimenting with wearable technology for teaching.
Recent studies have shown that teachers who use technology in the classrooms have a direct effect on the behaviour of students in classrooms.

If teachers are early adopters, there is a greater chance of impacting the pace of the ‘adoption of technology’ by students. This thereby, influences how students behave in classrooms and how technology is being used in the classrooms.

Students will have self-directed access to information and knowledge, quite literally at their fingertips. With wearable technologies such as smartwatches, Muse and GoPro seeping into classrooms; the possibilities and learning experiences for both, students and teachers are pretty impressive.