Top 6 wearable smartwatch apps!

Smartwatch apps, though limited in number (close to 200 apps), offer some pretty compelling options for smartwatch users.

Smartwatch users can now check breaking news on their wrists, follow alerts, meteorological statistics, make calculations, check distances, order food and also virtually dim the lights of their homes!

With the advent of smartwatch apps and its capabilities, wearables such as smartwatches are bringing more functionality. Here are the top 6 wearable smartwatch apps to look out for in 2016.

1.   Wear Internet BrowserWearable Apps

Get all the latest information from the internet or browse your favourite websites with this efficient, mini browser that comes with an in-built keyboard function.

It may seem a tad inconvenient to scroll through pages of information on a smartwatch, but it is definitely a brag-worthy app and supports world wide browsing right from your wrist. If you are looking for quick information, you don’t necessarily need to pull out your laptop or your phone every time to connect to a local, Wi-Fi network.

You can instead, swiftly connect your smartwatch to the network and browse away! Handy, isn’t it?

2.   InstaWeather

Follow minute-to-minute weather or get a heads-up about the sleet coming your way with the ‘InstaWeather’ app for your smartwatch. A must have app to help decide what to wear during in the uncertain British weather.

This app goes beyond the basics and gives you weather insights in the form of detailed reports during different times of the day and radar images of approaching, wet weather in your city or neighbouring regions.

 3.   Hue Control

If you have Philipps Hue Lights at home, the Hue Control app will allow you to quickly and efficiently control your lighting, switch them on or off with a simple tap on the smartwatch – perfect for a romantic film night at home. Please note though that unfortunately they don’t snuff out candles after dinner!

With ‘Hue Control’ installed on your smartwatch, you will be able to have (pretty much) full control over the lighting in your house with a simple button.

If that wasn’t enough, you can scroll through lighting previews, adjust colour and intensity sliders and do much more on your smartwatch screen. This is definitely a useful app and one to watch in 2016.

Wearable Smartwatch4.   Eat24

If however your cooking didn’t quite turn out ok (or if you’re just exhausted from getting yourself ready for said date), you can now place food orders seamlessly without having to worry about entering your credit card information, location or address every time.

With this app installed, you can also view your previous orders and instantly re-order the food from the last time with a simple tap and a swish!

5.   Calculator for Android Wear

Once you have downloaded the ‘Calculator For Android Wear’ app on your phone, it will directly drop the calculator app onto your smartwatch.

With easy computation at your fingertips, you will never have to physically use a calculator or a smartphone for calculations ever again. An absolute must-have if you don’t like mental math too much.

 6.   Find My Phone

We all know what it’s like when we lose our phones and if you are constantly losing it, then this app could just be what you need! If you misplace your phone at home, you now have a solution with the ‘Find My Phone’ app.

Your smartwatch will automatically vibrate if the app disconnects from your phone and you can also have the app connect to your smartphone to start off a loud alarm to see where you’ve left it.

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