Science meets fashion: wearable trends

In the year 1989, Director Robert Zemeckis introduced technology with the coveted hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future II’. A levitating board for personal transportation, this form of transportation gave a glimpse into the future. Scientists may not yet have created this magical carpet, but technology accessories has come a long way since then.

Prince Charles Google glassTechnology, with time, has managed to become a part of almost every aspect of life – from robotic dogs to personal assistants.

The current trend receiving enthusiasm is wearable technology. The idea of wearable technology, in principle, is to put everything in place for easier access.

A smartphone or tablet can be hidden discreetly, but wearable technology ensures the convenience of reflex-like response to check e-mails or answer calls.

1. Google Glass

Google Glass is a head-mounted wearable computer developed by Google. Its uniqueness is the optical display that rests on the peripheral vision, which is attached to a lightweight frame. The Glass displays information and also enables hands-free communication via the Internet.

It features a Touch Pad that can be controlled by swiping through a timeline-like interface. A camera gives you the option of taking high-resolution photos and video.

2. Activity Tracker

Fitness and health take priority with the wearable fitness tracker. Designed to track steps, monitor sleep, and measure heart rate, the tracker is a noticeable trend and has gauged significant interest.

3. Pet Wearables

You can track the activities of your pets with the WonderWoof and FitBark. The wearable includes fashionable sensor devices in the form of a bowtie for your pet to wear on the collar and track behaviour. Some wearable tech also features GPS that tracks your dog’s fitness as well as monitors its safety.

4. Swanky Accessories

Wearable tech is starting to appeal with changes in design. Misfit partnered with Swarvoski to unveil jewelled devices and accessories like bracelets and pendants. These wearables add interest and improve one’s image.

5. Walking Boombox

The merger of technology and design sparks current wearable trends. Designer Rebecca Minkoff created four clutches to encase speakers for Stellé Audio Couture. Simple and efficient, the clutch allows you to listen to music on the go or to liven up a party.

Wearable tech6. Apple Watch

Developed by Apple Inc., this smartwatch incorporates fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities. The watch is also integrated with iOS and other Apple products and services.

It wirelessly connects to the iPhone to text or call easily. The watch, one of the most desired technology, provokes an immediate response from the user for hassle-free use.

Brands across the world have harnessed the exclusive opportunities of wearable technology to singularly improve lifestyles.

Wearable tech’s progression is tempting and substantial. It offers a range of opportunities for smooth functioning through the day. Wearable technology may yet however, take truly brilliant design to convince everyone it’s a worthy addition to the wardrobe.