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Garmin Vivoactive HR

£159.00 (as of 15th February 2019, 3:38 am)


The ultimate multi-sport performance tracker; the vivoactive HR from Garmin is packed with performance trackers for a huge array of different sports and activities.The watch itself boasts a high resolution touchscreen display, which brightly displays data harvested and is highly user friendly. A low profile design ensures non-intrusive data collection. The Elevate(TM) technology harvests heart rate data directly from the wrist, 24/7, allowing the vivoactive HR to obtain highly specific data to generate personalised performance statistics, including distance and ground covered due to the GPS and GLONASS compatibility.Perfect for running, cycling, swimming, golf, rowing and skiing, the vivoactive HR boasts tailored technicality to each sport, allowing for simple reviewing of performance or extra help during activities. Personal gains and records can be shared within the Garmin community with the Garmin Connect(TM) hub.The vivoactive HR is a must have for the sports enthusiast. A GPS smartwatch with built in heart rate monitorBuilt in sports app – gps enabled running, biking and swimming functionalityGPS connectivity – tracks distance and pace whilst mapping out progressHigh resolution colour touchscreen – screen system ensures information is easily visible in all-weather typesHarvests detailed performance metrics across a multitude of activities – designated analytics for running, cycling, swimming, skiing, golf and rowingSynchronises with mobile device – receive texts, calls, emails and calendar updates directly to the wristCustomisable with Garmin Connect IQ(TM) functionalityVibration alerts – personalised alerts notify when goals reachedElevate(TM) heart rate monitor – gathers pulse and heart rate information directly from the wristGarmin Connect(TM) functionality – save, plan and share activity data on a social hubRunning functions – built in accelerometer, vibratio