Delvfire Ignite Fitness Tracker

£18.99 (as of 23rd March 2019, 1:28 pm)

KEEP YOURSELF ON TRACK! – What can we say? This exquisite Alta style slim fitness tracker will help you track everything that’s related to your fitness goals; your steps, the distance you cover, the calories you burn, the minutes you are active or sedentary and, of course, the hours of sleep you get during the night – and the day!
STAY CONNECTED WHILE WORKING OUT! – You don’t have to miss out on anything while exercising. Our fitness tracker will alert you for incoming calls, text messages and notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media platforms – and it also allows you to share your health data online as well!
GO FOR UP TO 5 DAYS WITHOUT CHARGING! – With a long-lasting, sturdy built battery, you can wear your wireless activity tracker for up to 5 days without having to charge it – not that it’s a lot of trouble, though; you simply plug it directly into a USB socket, without messy cables or plugs!