Emerging wearables from CES 2016

The next-generation of tech was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, leaving spectators dazzled and excited.

With more than a million products showcased, whether it was the LG Rollable Display, the smart bra or the Adrenaline dress by Intel, onlookers were revelling in the visual treats of the cool, cutting-edge product launches at the show.

Among the many ground-breaking product launches, wearable devices held a candle to the rest. Here is a compilation (in no particular order) of the top 6 emerging wearable devices that were seen at the CES in January 2016

   1.   The ‘Digitsole’ Smartshoe

This futuristic shoe is as ‘high-tech’ as it can get. Forget wearing socks, because these shoes come with temperature controls for cold feet in winter, with a staggering battery life and a sole that can help track activity levels and sleep patterns.

All you need to do is simply connect your smartphone to the smartshoe via Bluetooth! The shoes are expected to be available in the markets early Autumn 2016.

   2.   Mood Bracelets

After the mood rings, we now have the mood bracelets that are now becoming quite popular. These bracelets not only reflect a person’s mood or feelings, but go one step further in making suggestions on how to improve your mood if you are feeling blue!

The mood bracelet, developed by Sentio Solutions, a San-Francisco based company, is all set for release in December 2016 and is the first among the many wearable tech devices that gauges emotions and makes recommendations.

   3.   The Adrenaline Dress

The Intel booth at the CES was packed with visitors. The new ‘Adrenaline Dress’ by Intel, contracts and expands based on the wearer’s stress levels and body temperatures and is designed by keeping in mind the fight or flight syndrome in animals.

This stunning dress comes with 3D prints all over and is uniquely designed with wings at the back.

Wearable Gadgets_2

   4.   Wearable Translators

The CES unveiled some useful inventions this year and among them, was the ‘Wearable Translator’ that comes in the size of a regular thumb drive.

All it needs, is for the person to speak into the wearable translator and the translator then converts what is recorded into a language of your choice.

   5.   Smart Ski Airbag-Vest

Ski professionals and enthusiasts will now be in for a treat with the smart ski airbag-vest that inflates in a 100 milliseconds to protect the neck, spine, back and ribs during a collision or fall.

This innovative airbag-vest is embedded with wireless technology that detects loss of balance during skiing and inflates immediately. Approved by the French Ski Federation, the smart ski airbag-vest is considered one of the smartest wearables of 2016.

   6.   The Smart ‘OMbra’

OMbra is one of the first smart-bras designed by a Montreal-based company, OMsignal and is due for release in Spring 2016.

The sports bra is designed to track calorie-intake, distance and other vital signs like the heart rate and breathing rhythms/patterns. With a futuristic sports bra such as the OMbra, working out in the gym or going on those morning runs promises to be interesting.

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