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With this (smart) ring, I thee wed

Here comes the bride – she’s wearing a classic veil, a timeless off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown and… smart technology? Could it be that today’s bride is set for a technological makeover? A Smart Wedding Ring – For Signalling Commitment for Eternity and… Paying for Dinner? Launching at CES 2017 – the world’s greatest tech show, […]

Smart glasses – Can we see them in our future?

Google Glass launched amid frenzy, fanfare and, it must be said, a fair share of ridicule. It was an idea as applauded as it was mocked. While there were many stumbling blocks, including privacy issues, bugginess and compromised driving safety, hope remained that the most innovative company in the world would eventually reign victorious.   […]

Wearable Technology for the Elderly

As people get older, they may find it difficult to face losing autonomy due to health concerns and other issues. Their friends and families worry about them living alone – and considering the dangers that older people can face from falls and other medical issues, those fears are understandable. Fortunately, there’s a happy medium now […]

Top 6 wearable smartwatch apps!

Smartwatch apps, though limited in number (close to 200 apps), offer some pretty compelling options for smartwatch users. Smartwatch users can now check breaking news on their wrists, follow alerts, meteorological statistics, make calculations, check distances, order food and also virtually dim the lights of their homes! With the advent of smartwatch apps and its […]

Emerging wearables from CES 2016

The next-generation of tech was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, leaving spectators dazzled and excited. With more than a million products showcased, whether it was the LG Rollable Display, the smart bra or the Adrenaline dress by Intel, onlookers were revelling in the visual treats of the cool, cutting-edge product launches […]

A game changer for healthcare

As wearable technology has gained more traction in our day-to-day lives, it has also forayed and extended its growth into the healthcare sector. What started out as a simple, life-style device has evolved into innovative break-throughs that could shape the future of the health management industry. The data from wearable technology offer health professionals insights […]