2018: Our Wearable Predictions

OK, so we’re a little late to the party. What can we say, 2017 was a vintage year to raise a toast to all things wearable. Question is, will 2018 deliver wearables that monitor our alcohol intake? Despite our lack of punctuality, here are our top ten predictions for the year/10 months ahead…

  1. So, that alcohol monitor? Yup, it’s set to arrive in 2018

The world’s first wearable alcohol tracker is set and ready for the world. Counting down to their official launch, from BACtrack, this gadget estimates your alcohol level in real time. It comes in either standalone form (a metal tag-like device with a fabric wrist strap), or in a device that attaches to the Apple watch. So, it seems we’ll have no excuses for our tardiness come this time next year.

  1. Smart glasses will undergo a dramatic resurgence and push forward

Oh Google Glass – like the Christmas soufflé that failed to rise, we were left decidedly flat when it was announced production was to cease. However, having just began our research for our next blog article: “Smart glasses – Can we see them in our future?”, we have more than enough reason to believe that 2018 will be a pivotal year for smart glass technology. Thanks to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Samsung and Microsoft, it seems big things are coming. Perhaps what we’re most anticipating however, is whether Amazon will finally confirm their entrance to this market – making the smart home connection to wearables a dream finally come true.

  1. The world of augmented reality will make you sweat, squat and stretch – Feel the burn!

A big theme in smart glass technology is if and how they could work with augmented reality, and in the upcoming CES 2018 event, it seems we’ll be treated to a demonstration from Icaros – a Virtual Reality company that wants to show the world the new way of working out. Known as “Active VR”, it combines personal trainer, with the chance of working out wherever. Not only could this prove an influence on smart glass and VR headset manufacturers, but it could collide with the world of smart sportswear, too. Which brings us nicely onto our next point…

  1. Sports wearables are going to hit the ground running

The CES 2018 line-up provides for predictions a plenty, as we can see who and what is going to showcased. This year, an overwhelming amount of companies will be in the business of fitness, and from fitness trackers masquerading as jewellery, to implanted devices that monitor your health and fitness, we’re going to see innovation in action. What’s perhaps most exciting about this progress, is that smart patches are seemingly just around the corner. No bigger than your palm, the likes of Qualcomm, Samsung and E Ink are already busy progressing this potentially market disrupting piece of tech.

  1. Hearables and bone conduction technology are going to be heard loud and clear

Bone conductive technology is promising to deliver sharp sounding songs, whilst still allowing you to keep your wits about you (rumour has it this technology will be seen in Amazon’s *ahem* smart glasses, as well as in the smart glasses from VUE). However, where this technology will really come to fore will be with smart earphones. Take Aftershokz Trekz as an example.

With bone conduction and hearables combining, this is just one way in which technologies could and should merge together, to finally, finally, get to an approach closer to holistic wearables.

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